DigitalVlora, in collaboration with Venice Studio Vlore, offers photo and video shooting services for indoor and outdoor environments, also through the use of drones. The acquired material is reworked in post production, to be used in websites, blogs and social media.

High resolution professional photos allow you to obtain images that reflect the atmosphere of places, suitable for web and social media publications, but also still life photos and product shots for e-commerce websites.
The use of natural light and flash techniques allows us to capture the colours, shades, textures, details and characteristics of each object.

The photographic material can be integrated with the production of commercial video footage and video clips, refined with subsequent post-production, in pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the video, from editing to colouring, up to sound design. Our goal is to create a final product of the highest quality, which is able to convey the emotions necessary for the success of the customer’s digital communication.

Video shooting can be carried out, both indoors and outdoors, also through the use of professional drones. DigitalVlora uses advanced technologies to capture high resolution images and videos with accurate and precise shooting.

Our services cover all aspects of aerial drone photography, ranging from flight planning to data acquisition. We can provide services such as aerial photography of buildings, structures, infrastructure and land. All aerial shots are performed in accordance with current legislation on drone flights.

To complete the production of web content, we also take care of the audio, thanks to the creation of customized copyright-free soundtracks, and audio clips suitable for TikTok, Instagram and other social media.

Each soundtrack is created individually according to the client’s specific needs, using modern instruments, advanced production techniques and careful attention to detail. All the soundtracks we provide are royalty-free, so you don’t need to pay royalties for using them.