SEO optimization

Publishing a site on the web does not guarantee the achievement of the business results for which the site was designed. Its visibility on the web must be conquered, thanks to the application of optimization techniques for search engines (SEO).

The SEO activity takes place in two steps: analysis and application of the techniques. The first is the most delicate phase, it involves precisely defining the visibility goals of the site and analyzing in depth the desired target, which makes a journey (search journey) in the search for the site of interest. Understanding his needs, identifying the searches he will carry out on the web, knowing his wishes for information, are the key factors of the analysis phase.

Once the behavior of the desired target has been understood, possibly divided into several segments, the second phase begins, which involves the implementation of SEO techniques, very different from each other, which are applied on the website and outside the site itself, with the ‘goal of improving the organic positioning, that is to conquer for the search words considered strategic, the best visibility among the natural results, those chosen directly by the search engine.

Digital Vlora begins the SEO analysis phase in parallel with the website project, which is thus already born as an organic visibility tool. The Digital Vlora team specializes primarily in the Italian language. Its activity is particularly useful for Albanian companies that intend to gain high visibility on the Italian market, in the industrial, commercial or tourism sector.

Part of the activity is carried out using tools specially designed for SEO, first of all Google Search Console, capable of providing visibility and analysis reports, essential for improving SEO optimization.